Types of Body Modification.

I often get asked how many different types of body modification there are. But i can rarely answer this question, body modification is vast and spreads into all corners of the world. But i have managed to find a list of some of the more well known body mods out there. So, here it is…

1. Body piercing: practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn; sometimes further modified by stretching
2. Ear piercing: the most common type of body modification
3. Pearling: genital beading
4. Neck ring: multiple neck rings are worn to stretch the neck; common in African Tribes
5. Scrotal implants: beads or objects implanted inside the scrotum, typically either to replace missing testicles, or to enhance the appearance of the scrotum
6. Eyeball tattooing: njection of a pigment into the cornea
7. Extraocular implant: the implantation of jewelry in the outer layer of the eye
8. Surface Piercing: a surface piercing is a piercing where the entrance and exit holes are pierced through the same flat area of skin
9. Microdermal implants: are a form of body modification which gives the aesthetic appearance of a transdermal implant, but without the complications of the much more complicated surgery associated with transdermal implants
10. Transdermal implant: implantation of an object below the dermis, but which exits the skin at one or more points
11. Breast implants: insertion of silicone bags filled with silicone gel or saline solution into the breasts to increase their size, or to restore a more normal appearance after surgery
12. Silicone injection (illegal in the US): injections of silicone into the body, and in this context generally) to the male genitalia
13. Subdermal implant: implantation of an object that resides entirely below the dermis 
14. Hair cutting: grooming hair to prevent dead ends and increase health
15. Hair removal: lasar hair removal is most common; permanently removing unwanted hair
16. Male circumcision: the partial or full removal of the foreskin
17. Female genital cutting: removal of the labia minora or the clitoral hood
18. Frenectomy: to remove a section of tissue (the frenulum) that attached to the gingival tissue between two teeth
19. Genital bisection: splitting of both the underside and the top of the penis 
20. Meatotomy: splitting of the underside of the glans penis
21. Headsplitting: splitting of both the underside and the top of the glans penis
22. Nipple removal: removing the nipples
23. Nipple splitting: splitting open either one or two nipples
24. Subincision: splitting of the underside of the penis
25. Tongue splitting: bisection of the tongue similar to a snake’s
26. Trepanation: drilling a hole into the skull 
27. Corsetry or tightlacing: binding of the waist and shaping of the torso
28. Cranial binding: modification of the shape of infants’ heads, now extremely rare
29. Breast ironing: pressing (sometimes with a heated object) the breasts of a pubescent female to prevent their growth
30. Foot binding: compression of the feet of girls to modify them for aesthetic reasons
31. Anal stretching: Like stretching a piercing, it involves slow process over an extended period of time
32. Branding: controlled burning or cauterizing of tissue to encourage intentional scarring
33. Ear shaping: modifying the shape of one’s ear (which includes ear cropping, ear pointing or “elfing”)
34. Scarification: cutting or removal of dermis with the intent to encourage intentional scarring 
35. Tooth filing: to file teeth to make them shape and pointy.
36. Teeth whitening: placing chemicals on our teeth to remove any stains and make them a brighter white.
37. Tanning: going to a tanning bed or lying out in the sun to make one’s skin darker.